East Metro Eating Disorder Specialist Service (EMEDSS)

The East Metropolitan Eating Disorder Specialist Service (EMEDSS) is a consumer-centred, multidisciplinary, and recovery-focused eating disorder outpatient service hub. EMEDSS will directly support a continuum of service for consumers diagnosed with eating disorders within EMHS, bridging the gap between inpatient treatment and longer-term community eating disorder services.

As an outpatient transition service, the EMEDSS will help support discharge from inpatient services as well as help reduce future readmissions. EMEDSS is available to consumers aged 16 years or older where an eating disorder is of primary concern.

Services Offered

Triage and assessment

  • Comprehensive triage and assessment are the processes used to determine suitability and direct consumer to the most suitable service elements.
  • Onward referral options determined for those referrals not meeting criteria.

Intensive Clinical Monitoring (ICM)

  • Nurse and Peer Support Worker (PSW) led service providing nutritional & physical health status monitoring and motivational support to consumers.
  • Up to 4 appointments per week for a maximum of 8 weeks.

Specialist Multidisciplinary Outpatient Clinic (SMOC)

The SMOC will offer specialist discipline-specific consultation. The multidisciplinary team (MDT) will be available to provide in-reach as available, transition support, relapse prevention planning, physical health assessment, evidenced- based therapies and support for general health and wellbeing. Treatment delivery will be flexible to meet the needs of service users e.g. Individual onsite consultations, telehealth sessions and phone contact.

Consumer Transition Coordination Service

Provide a link between referring specialist inpatient teams, outpatient clinics, WAEDOCS, and private and/or non-government organisation specialist services.


Phased implementation

Current Phase (Phase 1 and Phase 2A)

EMEDSS is being commissioned using a phased-implementation approach. As of 27th November 2023, phases 1 and 2A are operational.

We will provide a step-down service from Emergency Department, Medical & Mental Health inpatient care and a step-up service for EMHS Community Mental Health settings. 


Future Phases

Phase 2B – Commencing Mid 2024

  • Accepting referrals from Primary Health Care settings.

Phase 3 – Commencing Late 2024

  • EMEDSS relocation to community clinic
  • Commencement of Intensive Day Program
  • Expansion of existing services to allow Telehealth capabilities


Referral information

In our current phase, referrals accepted from:

  • Liaison Psychiatrist/ psychiatry registrar (medical inpatient and Emergency Department)
  • Treating Psychiatrist/ psychiatry registrar (mental health inpatient and community mental health teams)
Last Updated: 18/03/2024