Annual Reports

On behalf of the East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) Board and Executive, we are proud to present the 2018-19 EMHS Annual Report (PDF 15MB).

Key to delivering on our vision of healthy people, amazing care is the dedication and commitment of our 8393 staff who work tirelessly to provide outstanding healthcare to our community.

This focus on community is evident throughout the pages of this report, where you will gain an insight into what we have achieved over the past 12 months, how our health service is performing, and where we are concentrating our attention in the years ahead.

Everything we do at EMHS is done with our community in mind. With more than 700,000 people living within our catchment area, we are mindful that health care does not just begin and end in hospitals, but is a collaborative effort between thousands of people working throughout our hospitals and community programs, the not-for-profit sector, primary health care and all levels of Government.

Annual Report cover 2018/19

Within our community, we have more than 22 separate programs designed to support our consumers to be the healthiest they can be. This includes a strong focus on health promotion and preventative health through initiatives to inform and educate community members on factors such as alcohol, obesity and smoking. A significant number of these programs have been designed specifically for Aboriginal consumers, where culturally appropriate care is delivered on topics including chronic condition management, health and wellbeing.

We would also like to acknowledge the enormous amount of work that has gone into the development of our Clinical Services Plan: Towards 2024, which was released in early 2019. This document articulates how we plan for, and deliver, health care services to our community and helps us to focus our collective efforts on our clinical service priorities of managing demand and capacity; and acknowledging patient experience.

This year we have also placed great emphasis on harnessing digital technology to improve the care we provide to our consumers. Over the coming years, we look forward to leading the way in the contemporary delivery of health care using digital technologies.

Another key area of focus for us this year has been the protection of our staff from violence and aggression in the workplace. This continues to remain a challenge, however we are working collaboratively with our staff, other Health Service Providers (HSPs) and key stakeholders to do everything we can to address this issue.

It takes a real community to deliver high-quality health care efficiently and effectively to our consumers. We are so grateful to our own community of EMHS staff who work around the clock every day of the year to provide our consumers with the best possible care.

Ian Smith PSM
Board Chair, EMHS
Liz MacLeod
Chief Executive, EMHS

Last Updated: 26/09/2019