Frequently Asked Questions


What skills/qualifications do I need?

Every job at East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) has a Job Description Form (JDF) which outlines the duties, responsibilities, and work related requirements of a position.

The Work Related Requirements section in the JDF lists the qualifications, skills, experience and knowledge required to be able to perform the role. 

As there are over 1,000 JDFs it is not possible to respond to individual queries regarding skills/qualifications. The JDFs can be accessed on the WA Health Jobs board by either searching current or closed advertised jobs as per the following steps: 

  1. Visit the WA Health Jobs Board.
  2. Click on ‘Job Search’ in the left menu.
    1. To view all current advertised positions click on ‘Search’.
    2. To view all current advertised recruitment pools, type ‘pool’ in the Keyword Search field and click on ‘Search’ (this will result in more jobs being displayed than ‘View All Jobs’).
    3. If the position you are interested in is not currently advertised, you can search Closed Jobs (see instructions below).
    4. Either type the job in the Keywords field or select from the Occupation field to narrow the search, if there are too many jobs listed.
    5. Press ‘Enter’ or click on the ‘Search’ button.
    6. Click on the relevant job title.
    7. In the list of attachments, on the job advertisement, open the JDF (it will have the position title in the name of the document).
    8. The Work Related Requirements are on the last page of the JDF. 

Allied Health

Questions and answers are coming soon.

Further information can be found on the Department of Health's Allied Health webpage.

Nursing and Midwifery

How do I become a nurse?

There are many education pathways to becoming a nurse in WA. For information, please refer to the Pathways booklet on the become a nurse or midwife webpage.

Medical Practitioners

Questions and answers are coming soon.

For site specific Medical Practitioner information, please visit the Armadale Health Service and Royal Perth Hospital websites.

International: Immigration, Qualifications

I have a non-Australian qualification; will my qualification allow me to work in WA?

For further information on qualification recognition and requirements, please refer to the international applicants webpage.


How can I volunteer for EMHS?

The volunteering page has information about each of the different volunteer programs and how you can apply to volunteer.


Last Updated: 17/01/2024