Pre-Employment Screening

Offers of employment are subject to satisfactory completion of a pre-employment screening.

Criminal Record Screening

WA Health has a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to provide protection from harm to all clients. To meet this obligation, all individuals who work for, or provide services to, WA Health are required to undertake Criminal Record Screening (CRS). Previous criminal convictions or pending charges will not necessarily preclude appointment or involvement in the provision of services.

Where a criminal record check discloses a criminal record, the relevance and recency of any conviction and the nature of the employment/position being sought will be taken into account in making employment related decisions. For further information refer to the WA Health Criminal Record Screening Policy and Guidelines.

Working with Children Check

The Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004 (external link) was introduced to increase the safety of children in the community. It requires that people employed in ‘child-related’ work have a criminal record check called a Working With Children (WWC) Check. This helps to ensure people who have known criminal histories indicating they may harm a child, do not gain positions of trust with children.

If the position you are applying/selected for is classified as ‘child-related’ (as per the definition in the Act), you will be required to apply for a WWC check (or provide a current WWC Card) prior to commencing employment. During your employment in child-related work, you will be required to renew this check every three years and, should you experience a relevant change in your criminal record, you are required by law to report this change immediately to your Human Resource Services coordinator/manager.

Severe penalties, including fines and/or imprisonment, can be enforced for not reporting relevant changes in criminal record. Information about relevant offences is available on the Working with Children Check website (external link).

Integrity Check

WA Health is required to establish and maintain professional standards and ensure employees demonstrate an appropriate standard of conduct and integrity. As such, the pre-employment screening includes an integrity check for preferred applicants who have accepted an offer of employment. The WA Health Integrity Check will determine if a preferred applicant was previously dismissed by WA Health due to misconduct, or resigned from WA Health prior to a finding of misconduct that would have resulted in dismissal. If one of these matters has occurred, consideration will be given to the particular circumstances, and a determination made as to the person’s suitability for re-employment.

Health Screening

Prior to commencing employment, preferred applicants are required to complete a Pre-employment Health Screening Form which is assessed by the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Department.

Vaccine protection against certain diseases is required for employees who enter patient rooms or work in patient care areas, are non-immune and do not have any reason for increased risk of vaccine complications. Further information on immunisation and vaccine-preventable diseases will be provided prior to commencing employment or by the local Infection Control Department or WHS Department.

Eligibility to Work in Australia

If you are an international job seeker, further information about visa requirements and registration can be found on the WA Health international recruitment page and the Department of Home Affairs (external link).

We strongly advise job seekers from overseas, who are considering applying, to review information on the international recruitment page prior to submitting an application.

Last Updated: 15/04/2021