Midland Community Mental Health

The Midland Community Mental Health service provides specialist clinical mental health services to individuals aged 18-65.

The specialists treat those:

  • who are not responding well to treatment for mental illness in a primary care setting (e.g. General Practitioners)
  • with severe and complex mental health issues/illness
  • have a significant level of disturbance and psychosocial disability due to their illness that has a significant impact on their functioning
  • significant functional difficulties that require coordination of care and support across multiple agencies, family, friends, support people, carers and providers
  • would benefit from a multi-disciplinary team due to the intensive or complex nature of care required.

Services include:

  • Assessment Treatment Team

  • Clinical Treatment Team

  • Intensive Clinical Outreach Team

  • Midland Wellness Clinic

  • Older Adult Community Services

The service operates from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday (except on public holidays).

After hours services can be accessed through contacting the Mental Health Emergency Response Line on 1300 555 788.

Last Updated: 18/01/2024